Work in Progress…

It has been a very busy week with my first assignment for my new grad class and progress reports… so glad to be having fun in the classroom with my students as they are working on lots of fun projects. Here is a quick glimpse at what we are working on right now:

Kindergarten/First Grade:

Abstract Texture Rubbings using Implied and Real Texture


2nd Grade:

Abstract Watercolor Paper Weavings

(We will be starting the weaving during our next class period.)IMG_4692IMG_4690IMG_4688

3rd Grade:

Kandinsky Inspired Radial Weavings

(I totally stole this from Cassie Stephens!)


Squares With Concentric Circles by Wassily Kandinsky

File_000File_000(1) File_002File_003

It took us all class period today to get the warp strings on… a few were able to start adding the weft. We will continue next week.

4th Grade:

Kandinsky Inspired Mixed Media

IMG_4695My Demonstration


We will finish with oil pastels next class period

5th Grade:

Wheels Don’t Have To Be Round…

(Color “Wheels” with Tints and Shades)

(This project is from

IMG_4679 IMG_4676IMG_4677 IMG_4677IMG_4679IMG_4681

Some are closer to finished than others. Next class will be spent doing a second layer, neatening and when paint is dry students will retrace lines with black sharpie.

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